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We provide geochemistry expertise to private and public sector clients involved in environmental, extractive and chemical industries including mining, minerals, oil and gas, water and natural resources.  Our experts have a track record of implementing creative, affordable, and timely solutions to your toughest geochemstry problems involving water, soil, rock and chemical interactions.




D3 Geochemistry was founded by Principal Geochemist Dr. Drummond Earley III who has over 30 years of geochemistry experience as a researcher, consultant, and industry specialist.  His vision is to build a consultancy that offers state of the art geochemical services with pragmatic compliance and business know-how to clients requiring innovative and affordable solutions that fit their business model.  We are dedicated to the sustainable development of mineral and water resources.




  • Sampling and Analysis

  • Monitoring and Database Support

  • Remedial Investigations

  • Baseline Geochemistry, Tailings and Mine Waste Characterization and Mine Reclamation

  • Water Treatment

  • Drilling and Frac Fluid Chemistry

  • Corrosion and Compatibility Analysis

  • Geochemical Forensics

  • Geochemical Modeling

  • Unsaturated Flow Modeling

  • Fate and Transport Modeling

    • Metals and inorganics​

    • Organics

    • PFAS

  • Due Diligence and Valuation

  • Environmental Permitting

  • Expert Witness

  • Geothermal Energy

  • Carbon Sequestration

  • Tracer Studies


Dr. Drummond Earley's new paper "Effect of Temperature on Arsenic Treatment and Mobility in Mine Influenced Water" will be published soon in the journal Mine Water and the Environment.

Client Focus

"We are 110% focused on client success.  When our client achieves their objectives we achieve our objective"

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